Sette Screw Kit (All)



This kit includes all fasteners and screws used in the main assembly of the Sette Series grinders. Included in this kit (shown in image from left to right): F8223 Tinnerman Clip (2) F6122 M6 1.25x8 Machine Screw (3) FS551 M4x12 Machine Screw (1) FS579 M5x20 Machine Screw (2) FS521 M8 1.25x30 Countersunk Machine Screw (1) F6177 M2x6 Self Tapping Screw (6) F8029 M3x12 Machine Screw (4) F8275 M3x5 Countersunk Self-Tapping Screw (4) FS714 M3x8 Self-Tapping Screw (3) FS533 M3x12 Thread Rolling Screw (2) S576 E Clip (1) FS590 Circlip (2) F6121 M3.5x11 Plastic Thread-Cutting Screw (32)

Model: SP0101534