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Burr geometry is critical to producing excellent grind quality. We design our grinders with high-density burrs from our renowned manufacturing partner in Europe. Choose from our selection of conical steel burr, flat steel burr, or flat ceramic burr grinders.

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Conical Burr

Our 40mm high-density conical burrs produce balanced and delightfully sweet cups of coffee. The wide auger blades pre-cut and pull coffee to the fine-toothed cutting blades near the base. Here, the distance between the cone burr and the outer ring burr define a maximum grind size. The uniformity and speed make any of these grinders an essential addition to the home coffee bar.

Flat Steel Burr

These steel flat burrs have earned a reputation for delivering sweetness and high-clarity flavors from your fresh roasted specialty coffee. Reviewers rave about how the flavor profile is comparable to industrial grinders multiple times the pricepoints of our grinders! Utilizing centrifugal force, coffee is driven between the precision-machined blades of two circular flat burrs. All that surface area results in uniformity of grind size.


Flat Ceramic Burr

For anyone who love a full-bodied cup of coffee, these 54mm ceramic flat burrs produce rounded, syrupy textures that bring out the richness of every roast. The high-density ceramic is known to outlast steel burrs making it the perfect option for high-frequency espresso grinding.