Mornings elevated

Fill the room with the fragrance of fresh-ground specialty coffee

It all starts with the grind

Every delicious espresso, cold brew, or pour over is thanks to a good burr coffee grinder. Upgrade your mornings to fresher, fragrant brews with the powerful precision of a Baratza grinder.

White Baratza grinder next to several Christmas tree ornaments.
A man smiling next to a kitchen containing a Baratza coffee grinder and a Bambino espresso machine.

Versatile, Multi-Purpose Grinding

With simple grind adjustments and intuitive controls, Baratza grinders deliver precision grounds for any brew method. At the end of the day, the best coffee is how you like it.


Caring Customer Support

Our company culture is summarized by two simple words: "We care." Our caring team of Support Specialists are available by phone or email to help you get back to grinding. Or if you've got the DIY spirit, find low-cost parts and self-help guides below.

A person pouring drip coffee into a Baratza mug.