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burr method


A great espresso grinder offers precision grinds, lots of room to adjust, and a workflow optimised for repeatable, consistent shots.


The Aeropress is a compact brew device that’s famous for delivering big flavour. These grinders offer tight grind sizes with plenty of versatility.



With so many ways to hand-brew coffee, choose a grinder that offers plenty of range to dial in a brew suited to your brewer’s shape, flow rate, and even filter porosity.

Drip Brewer

Drip brewers, coffee machines, percolators...there are lots of options but at the end of the day, coffee for batches small and large all need to be consistent!


French Press

Unlike paper filter methods, the metal filter of a French Press allows the coffee’s oils to remain in the cup, yielding full, rich textures. That’s why it’s critical to brew with evenly coarse-ground coffee.

Cold Brew

Cold brew is usually brewed in large batches at a time over hours or even days! Get a grinder that can keep up to the task and enjoy days of smooth-bodied cups with balanced acidity.