Sette Wi Display Upgrade *Read description before ordering*


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Replacement display assembly for the Sette 270W to upgrade it to the Sette 270Wi.


  • The "i" in 270Wi stands for intelligence - the grinder now quickly calculates and predicts the point at which grinding stops after a change to grind setting, beans, or dose weight. This eliminates the need to adjust the offset.
  • The new software maximizes the grinder's built-in Acaia high precision scale by filtering unpredicted vibrations that could affect weighing accuracy.
  • A "quick burst" (pulse) feature allows you to add small increments of coffee to your final dose after the grinder has stopped.
  • Future software updates will be available wirelessly via integrated Bluetooth using iOS devices.

Notes About the Upgrade Process:

Please follow our installation guide for the new display closely. Failure to do so may result in the grinder becoming inoperable. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us.


FAQ: Can I Upgrade My Grinder?