Sage Group Diversity & Inclusion Charter

At Sage, we value individuality and uniqueness as much as we value collaboration and shared vision. We believe that diversity and inclusion create a broader, richer environment that enhances creative thinking, innovation and problem solving. Inclusive organisations attract and retain top talent and can better realise the full potential from the spectrum of ideas generated within the organisation.

Our Diverse and Inclusive Communities

Sage Group is a global enterprise serving a large community of unique, individual customers who use our products to achieve the best results for themselves and their families.

Our employees should reflect our customers and the societies in which we operate by comprising and encompassing a breadth of:

  • religion, creed, race, ethnicity, national origin, ancestry, cultural background, language, and citizenship status
  • gender, sexual identity or preference
  • marital status
  • age
  • psychological and physical capability or disability
  • education and experience level
  • socio-economic status
  • family situation and background
  • military or veteran status
  • political belief and worldview
  • What Diversity and Inclusion means for Sage Group

Diversity includes differences in perspectives, thoughts, interests, and ideas. Inclusion means ensuring that all employees are valued, heard, recognised, engaged, and involved at work, and have opportunities to collaborate, contribute, and grow professionally in line with our business needs. Diversity and inclusion are the result of respect, valuing others and caring about the lives we touch through the people we employ, the customers who enjoy our products, and the societies in which we operate.

D&I Contribution to the Business

Fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace can play an important role in addressing critical business objectives and contribute to the societies in which we operate, namely:


  • More attractive to employees: Having a diverse and inclusive workforce is a crucial factor in attracting and retaining talent. Organisations that embrace flexibility, technology and new ways of working will be more attractive to potential and existing employees, leading to an increase in productivity and morale. It also leads to our employees feeling more valued and supported to grow in their own unique way.
  • Greater innovation and value creation: A diverse set of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds is the linchpin of innovation and the development of new ideas. Diversity-leading organisations are more agile and more likely to experiment and embrace failure in pursuit of different and innovative approaches.
  • Better outcomes for customers: Having a diverse workforce can facilitate better understanding of and enable the provision of better service to increasingly diverse markets and customers, anticipating their needs and delivering improved value to them and the societies in which we operate.


Objective, Scope & Responsibility

Toward these ends, we seek to:

  • Apply principles of equity and social justice to achieve equal employment opportunities for talented individuals of all backgrounds and cultures;
  • Attract, recruit, retain, engage, support, develop, and advance a diverse workforce;
  • Promote respect, cultural awareness, and inclusivity by fostering a collaborative work environment in which all employees are encouraged to participate and contribute;
  • Empower employees and provide a safe space for everyone to express themselves, exchange ideas, and feel appreciated;
  • Encourage employees to be open and curious about others' experiences and perspectives; and
  • Celebrate our successes in this regard together.

We are seeking to build and promote a culture that is systematically safe, respectful, fair, and inclusive of everyone; and one that appreciates and values the unique attributes that each individual contributes. As we continue to innovate and enhance our products and services, we will also continue to innovate and enhance our diversity, equality, and inclusion practices as a key driver of our company's success.

We design our products and services to enrich people’s lives. We design our company to enable our employees to master every moment in support of our customers’ success. Diversity and inclusion is the foundation. We remain committed to ongoing conversations, listening, learning and collaboration that meets the needs, and improves the lives, of our diverse customers and employee communities.