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上海馨籽咖啡有限公司 – Shanghai SOA Co. LTD

Company Website: 上海馨籽咖啡有限公司 – Shanghai SOA Co. LTD

Wholesale Email Address: [email protected]

Support Email Address: [email protected]

Wholesale Phone Number: +86 15219437598 / 15911658574Support Phone Number: +86 15219437598 / 15911658574


Official Service Centre – 精器(北京)咖啡科技有限公司 《星云锁链》技术服务部
Support Phone Number: +86 15210658107


Blue’s Espresso Bar

北京市朝阳区新房路1号院1号楼4层4th Floor, Building 1, Courtyard 1, Xinfang Road,Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Company Website: Blue’s Espresso Bar

Retail Email Address: [email protected] Email Address: [email protected]

Retail Phone Number: +86 1580122 6879Support Phone Number: +86 1580122 6879



中国江苏苏州工业园区东富路32号C楼2楼202、208Room 202,208 ,Building C, No.32 Dongfu Road, SIP ,Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China

Company Website: 苏州吕枭和他的朋友们咖啡贸易有限公司 – Suzhou Lv Xiao & Company Coffee Trading Co., Ltd

Retail Email Address: [email protected]

Retail Phone Number: +86-(0)512-67581347