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  • How do I calibrate the grind adjustment on the Vario-W?

    Check out the attached PDF for a step by step guide.


    Video demonstrating the sound, during calibration, to emulate.

  • The Display on my Esatto or Vario-W is showing “EEE” or “out”, what do I do?

    Calibrate the scale. You will need a 200 gram weight. You can make your own weight if you have a secondary accurate scale. Put your (Vario-W/Esatto) grounds bin on the scale, add water until you reach 200 grams (total weight bin + water). Once you have the weight you are ready to calibrate the scale. Unplug your Vario-W or Esatto and make sure that nothing is on the scale platform. Plug the grinder in and while it powers on/boot up hold buttons 1 &2. Display will come up with a value (approx 310-350). Press button 1 again (display will read “cal” and set the 200 gram weight on the platform. Display will show “pas” and then show 200. Remove the bin, empty and dry it, place the bin back on scale and TARE. Your scale should work correctly at this point. Please e-mail us at if you continue to have problems.

  • Calibration with an exactly two hundred gram weight does not solve the EEE error, what is the issue?

    Please follow the guide below to eliminate the electrical noise that is back-feeding the load cell and causing the EEE issue.