Sam Decock

Hi Pierce,

I have been really busy lately, but I put as much time as I could into using the Virtuoso and checking it out. On first impression, I love just having the macro selection. It’s nice to not worry about a sliding micro arm, or an added adjustment mechanism that simply does not get used. I used the new grinder to make my morning V60 and when I had the time, I did take a look at the grind consistency. It looks just as nice as the Preciso, as expected.

Simplicity. That’s what I think of when I use the Virtuoso. The Preciso has a great feature set, but the Preciso burrs turn the Virtuoso into a dream manual pour over grinder. Paired with the Esatto, I am in heaven. I wish I could clone my Virtuoso, or bring it to my office every day – don’t get me wrong, I love my LIDO – but I love the burrs in this machine. As expected, I noticed no difference in the cup, and would attribute any difference simply to the new burrs versus my Preciso’s burrs, which have seen plenty of coffee to be considered sufficiently broken in. The consistency is spot on and the range of grinds is fantastic. Between the simplicity of the grind settings and the sleek and simple profile of the grinder, I cannot imagine a better grinder for manual brewing. If I had the extra money, I would put one in my office without question.