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Dublin here we come!

This week we head to Dublin for World of Coffee! Kyra Kennedy, Kyle Anderson and Joyce Klassen will be on hand to talk to you about our full range of grinders. We’re excited to be able to show the new …

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Want to join the Baratza team??

Our customers use all these grinders on a daily basis to make their favorite cups of coffee, for themselves at home or in their cafes. Sometimes they need some help from us! We’re on the search for someone to join …

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SCAA2016 Best New Product

Last week we ‘did’ the SCAA in Atlanta! It was a huge show for us and the event was brilliant from so many perspectives: – Most of the Baratza team was on hand to meet, share and soak up the …

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Wondering about the Sette name?

It’s Italian for 7. The grinder shape is like a 7. It’s the 7th coffee grinder we’ve designed with unique features (Maestro, Virtuoso, Vario, Preciso, Vario-W, Forte, and Sette). And we pronounce it “Set-ay” (like Café). And there you have …

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Sette: Part III – Acaia Inside

A first for home espresso grinding – dosing by weight directly into a portafilter! Yes, you read that right! We’ve been working with the renowned smart coffee scale company, Acaia, to design a grinder that gives you the ability to …

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