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  • 07 APR

    World Aeropress Championship – 4/9

    Big excitement as we build up to the WORLD Aeropress Comp (WAC), happening this week in Seattle. 34 countries will be represented. We know that the Italian competitor will be grinding with a Forté and Rusty Obra, the US Champion, will be grinding using a Virtuoso. Wonder how many other Baratza grinders will be in use. We’re proud to be the prize sponsors for this super exciting competition and will be sending 3 new grinders off around the world very soon! For all the details, follow the WAC webpage! CAfwrWMUMAMj82x.jpg-large


  • 31 MAR

    Inland Empire TNT – Thurs 4/2

    The grand finale of the IETNT takes place at the fantastic brand new Klatch Coffee roastery, just opened in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Follow the IETNT twitter feed for all the updates. #BaratzaSponsors

  • 26 MAR

    US National Aeropress Championship – Sun 3/29

    It’s the turn of the US to crown our National Aeropress Champion!! All the fun and unique recipes will be happening this Sunday 3/29 at Underline Coffee in NY City. Baratza is happy to be a prize sponsor for the lucky winners, as well as providing grinding support for all the competitors via our Forté-BG grinders. Win-Win!! The winner will go on to compete at the World Aeropress Championship in Seattle on 4/9. Event Details, Registration, Rules etc etc here.

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    Blog: Staffing Changes at Baratza

    We say Hello and Goodbye! Today is Sarah Dooley’s last official day with Baratza :( We are sad to see her go, but wish her well.

    We do have a new person to welcome too – Amy Elliott, who has actually been with us a few weeks!

    The blog has the details!

  • IMG_0148

    Got Itt – making accessories for Baratza grinders

    Pierce Jens and Quinn Anderson have come together to design and manufacture accessories for our Baratza grinders. They will be at our booth at #SCAA2015. Their company name is Got Itt – read our blog info here.

  • VisitMeGraphic_SignedExhibitors_200x200

    #SCAA2015 – Baratza’s Ready!

    SCAA2015 is happening April 9-12 at the Seattle Convention Center. We are looking forward to a fantastic show and hope you stop by our booth #10041 to see us. Check our blog for all that we’ve got going on during The Event!

  • preciso-Landing

    New Blog: Conical Burr Recalibration

    Our support team gets asked all the time about recalibration for our conical burr grinders. Pierce Jens, who handles a vast amount of our online support queries, has some important information on the subject, in our blog!

  • imag1009

    BLOG: Production Expansion in Taiwan

    Due to the ongoing growth of Baratza, we’re delighted to say that we’ve expanded (in a major way!) our production capacity, by the construction of a dedicated production facility in Taiwan! Our Blog has more details!


What Baratza is all about:

  • Focus On Specialty Coffee:

    We understand the need for a superior grind that matches the quality, flavor, and roast of your finest beans. Our grinders support an extensive range of brew methods.

  • Worldwide Team:

    Baratza designs the grinders in Seattle. They are built in Taiwan, with precision burrs from Europe, and distributed through an ever expanding worldwide network.

  • Innovative Culture:

    Never happy with the status quo, Baratza unceasingly advances the design and functionality of our products. Our innovations include:a macro/micro grind adjust system to dial in the perfect grind, a Portaholder to grind hands-free into a portafilter, or the grind by weight system.

  • A user perspective:

    Cafe ImportsTo a coffee professional, there are few tools as important as a grinder. The grinder is the tuning fork for the extraction. Baratza has raised the bar in not only manufacturing excellent grinders, but doing so on a scale and at a cost that brings excellence to a larger group of people and companies.

    They are bridging the gap between the Coffee Professionals and the Coffee Enthusiasts. I see Baratza grinders in homes, shops, labs, and travel kits. Being the Director of Education at Café Imports means that I need a grinder that I can rely on, is efficient, grinds extraordinarily well, travels easy, and has a great team of people with excellent customer service in case there is ever an issue. Baratza has provided me with this.

    Joe Marrocco, Sales Associate/Director of Education

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