Kyra Kennedy
Co-founder, CEO & Culture Champion

SF Bay Area

As CEO, Kyra is responsible for building the Baratza brand and overseeing sales and operations. She has created a distribution network in North America plus developed an extensive network of world-wide importers. Kyra drives the marketing and distribution of the grinders through focus on the niche market of small independent roasters and coffee shops. Specialty Coffee is a relatively small market, but one that fits with Baratza’s goal to be a small business that designs, manufactures, and distributes precision grinders to a specialized consumer. Kyra is passionate about listening, identifying problems and opportunities, and developing creative solutions to support our customers. Kyra is deeply committed to the team of people that make up Baratza, seeking to create an environment where each person’s skills and talents can be maximized and each person’s voice be heard.  She recognizes that we are stronger and more successful through collaboration and the collective wisdom and experience of working across functions. Solid, quality products backed by compassionate, quality service–this is the winning combination you can expect from Baratza and Kyra Kennedy.

Kyle Anderson
Co-founder, President & Product Visionary

Bellevue WA

Kyle’s role at Baratza spans all things product related – design, manufacturing and quality. He is a mechanical genius who loves to improve products and solve problems through innovative design. A standout contribution was his breakthrough approach to weight-based grinding functionality – a first for the coffee grinder industry. His ability to embrace and harness the technologies of partner companies led to the innovative design of the Sette Series. For the Sette 270W he collaborated with Etzinger on their revolutionary grinding technology and with Acaia for their precision weighing technology. Critical to our operations is his management of strategic supply side relationships to ensure quality in all aspects of our manufacturing and output.


Joyce Klassen
Marketing Manager

SF Bay Area

Joyce’s focus is to grow Baratza’s reputation for providing quality, innovative grinders that help customers make great tasting coffee and are user friendly, reliable, and provide great value. The marketing activities at Baratza are focused on building brand awareness and supporting our domestic resellers and international importers – the community who in turn builds us. Her role is to listen to the coffee community to better understand how they’re using and experiencing Baratza products, support and service. This helps us refine our approach to product design and customer support.

In addition Joyce works to support the coffee community and baristas through sponsorship of many different events and competitions via SCA, World Of Coffee, BGA and individual organizations and cafes. With her strong background in customer care and project management, Joyce uses her experience, know-how and passion for the speciality coffee industry to forge strong connections between Baratza and its customers, now and in the future.

Xavi Guerrero
Marketing Coordinator

SF Bay Area

Xavi joined us in September 2017 to support our Sales and Marketing team, and the ongoing growth of the Baratza brand. His experience in Specialty Coffee spans customer service, roasting and green coffee management, web management, and communications. With a key focus on social media, Xavi is the eyes and ears for Baratza, ensuring our engagement and timely responsiveness to our resellers and consumers, while sharing information about our grinders to support their ease of use for Baratza consumers. He creates and manages content that connects customers and partners to all sides of our business.

In addition, Xavi handles updates to our website and a myriad of special projects for Marketing and Sales to help us better support our growing customer base.

With his pulse on the news, Xavi keeps the team up to date with current events, ideas and happenings within the Specialty Coffee marketplace.

Operations & Sales

Diane Wood
Operations Manager

Bellevue WA

Diane has been with Baratza since 2012 has been instrumental in managing the necessary processes and procedures to maximize our efficiency during our ongoing growth.

She is responsible for receiving, warehousing, order entry and shipping product plus Accounts Receivable – yes she’s who you’ll be talking to if you have a question about your order! In addition, as we have grown, Diane has stepped in to manage our Human Resources. Diane’s steady head and hand, her attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction has been critical to the growth of Baratza!

Karen Kawaguchi
International Operations Specialist

SF Bay Area

Karen Kawaguchi is the international specialist: responsible for the communication and smooth operations with our international importers.  Karen is an advocate for our global importers, resellers, and consumers, focusing on providing solid, quality products, backed by compassionate, quality service.  Karen brings a wealth of experience to the team from her previous career in software, analysis, and project management. Karen’s ability to manage the details of our international operations and her responsiveness to our Importers is key to the ongoing growth and success of Baratza internationally. In addition, she is often pulled in to handle Baratza Special Projects that benefit from her project management and business analyst skills, as well as her wisdom and patience.

Carla Mokin
International Sales & Support

Bellevue WA

Carla joined our operations team in August 2017.  She works with our international importers, which includes processing and scheduling orders, answering questions, and providing excellent support.  With great attention to detail, she is our liaison between our factory in Taiwan and our International Importers.  Since 2009, she has worked in the Specialty coffee industry doing coffee R&D as well as holding positions as a barista, trainer, wholesale salesperson, and retail shop manager. Carla gets how business works, from the ground up, and totally understands the needs of our customers. Her excellent communication and customer service skills combined with all these experiences make Carla an invaluable resource to our customers.

Greg Girton
Data Analyst/Forecaster PARTNER


Greg’s current area of responsibility includes purchasing and forecasting grinder sales and spare parts used for repair and resale. Other areas of his work include statistical analysis and warranty product returns. He spent several years leading the service team in Bellevue before taking on his current role. Before coming to Baratza in 2013 he was a highly successful Customer Service Manager with award winning, “Creating ONLY Very Satisfied Customers” teams in various industries from Coffee, Fitness, to Computer Connectivity Products.

Nancy Girton
Financial Controller PARTNER


Nancy has been with Baratza from the birth of the company in 1999, providing financial guidance and the day to day accounting duties. She has helped Baratza through its’ continued growth by implementing processes and procedures to streamline accounting and banking processes and sharing her knowledge with other Baratza staff. She brings to Baratza her experience from her own accounting company providing service to a variety of business from Interior Designers, Coffee, Fire Protection and Web Design companies.

Manufacturing & Design

Quinn Anderson
BGM Production Liaison in Taiwan


Quinn has worked with Baratza since 2009, repairing and refurbishing grinders in the US, and has had two stints in Taiwan, the latest starting in 2016 to launch the manufacturing of the Sette Series.

Based in Taichung, Quinn is our feet on the ground – eyes, ears, and human connection with BGM, our manufacturing partner since 2006. Collaborating and coordinating between Baratza US and BGM, he is the Taiwan side of the quality team. His skill is ensuring that manufacturing is quality driven at every stage of the process, and that product enhancements are implemented and tested. His role revolves around identifying and communicating problems, solutions, and plans. Quinn is working closely with BGM, as they transition the company to a new factory and lean manufacturing in Fall 2017

David Littrell
Design & Development PARTNER

Bellevue WA

David has been instrumental in developing grinders and accessories for Baratza since 2001. David understands the marketplace and his partnering with Kyle and Kyra in product development has resulted in building a brand that is a market leader in both aesthetics and innovation.

Principal designer at threeFishdesign, David has utilized over 25 years of developing consumer products to guide Baratza grinders to being industry-leading products. His passion for developing great products supports Baratza’s goal of delivering outstanding experiences and quality products to their customers.


Pierce Jens
Manager of Customer Support & Service

Bellevue WA

Pierce joined our support team in 2011 where he used his innate mechanical ability, knowledge of Baratza grinders, concise written communication and quirky personality to solve customer’s problems. In addition he has repaired and serviced all our current & legacy grinders. He also shines as our resident Baratza Support video star!

Pierce’s deep product knowledge and team leading skills have led him to the role of Customer Support and Service Manager. He manages our growing support team as well as our Grinder Repair and Grinder Refurbish Programs. Pierce has brought great process to our customer support approach enabling us to maximize the various team member skills to provide faster and improved service. While working, he also completed his business degree at University of Washington.

Alex Choppin
Support & Coffee Specialist

Bellevue WA

Alex joined Baratza in 2016 with extensive experience as a barista, trainer, competitor, equipment service technician, and shop manager. Alex is also a seasoned Brewers Cup competitor placing 3rd in the 2016 USCC. In addition he is a qualified USBC Judge. These combined skills and expertise enable him to better support our customer’s use of our grinders via email and phone.

As our coffee specialist, Alex is constantly testing our grinders with different brewing approaches. He provides education and outreach about grinding and its effect on cup quality through our blog and support resources. He’s also our specialty coffee industry liaison, working with the Specialty Coffee Association, Barista Guild of America, and various local organizations. You may run into him at coffee industry events, competitions, and shows, where he’s busy providing training, support, or otherwise helping out!

Aaron Michael
Support Specialist

Bellevue WA

Aaron joined us in 2017, just in time for the SCA! Nothing like getting thrown in at the deep end! He is a key anchor on the Support team with his enthusiastic handling of customer phone calls and emails.

He has a multifaceted experience in Specialty Coffee from his time in the Bay Area. He’s held positions from barista to production roaster, green bean customer service and support, to educator. Roasting, grinding, brewing – he enjoys it all! Aaron’s thoughtful and gentle questioning offers a different perspective to the team, helping push us to new ways of thinking about how we provide and improve our services.

Hayden Fulghum
Support & IT Specialist

Bellevue WA

Hayden joined our Support Team in August 2017. Studying computer sciences and engineering was the path Hayden was on before his passion for food and hospitality took over. He attended culinary school and worked in fine dining, prior to getting into Specialty Coffee and working in Seattle as a café manager. Always a problem solver and tinkerer, he loves to figure out how things work and optimize them. This combo of interests and skills helps him find solutions for our customers whose grinders stop giving them their quality grind. He finds the service of getting people back to grinding fresh incredibly rewarding. Internally, he has helped in creating the layout for our parts storage, calculating total cubic footage of parts we need to store, for maximum efficiency. We’re delighted that Hayden’s computer science skills are being put to good use in the move of our support services to new office space! He has created and installed both the wireless and wire internet network and mapped out sketches of the support room desk layout.

Service & Shipping

Daniel Hollon
Grinder Repair & Testing

Bellevue WA

Daniel came on board in 2017 to help us manage our increased shipping demand. His interest in the inner workings of the grinders quickly bubbled up and we recognized his mechanical skills. So there was a fast switch of focus to our Repair and Refurbishment programs. Daniel brings all grinders back up to current specs and breathes new life into them for their current or future owners. He has an incredible eye for detail and drive to figure out the source of any problems, then to fix and test them.

Daniel works with the team to figure out manufacturing and field fixes that fit with Baratza’s culture of continuous improvements.

Ory Packer
Shipping & Receiving

Bellevue WA

Ory is key to ensuring that we get grinders and parts to our resellers and consumers in a timely manner, so they can enjoy freshly ground coffee. As the shipping and receiving guru, Ory is the person who picks and packs your Baratza spare parts orders! If your grinder needs a spare part, you can rest assured that it will arrive packaged safely and picked with accuracy. Aside from this facet of aiding customer’s in home repair of their machines, Ory is also head of our Bellevue location warehouse logistics, assuring that our inventory is flush and properly cycled.