My Sette 270W seems to be inconsistent in dosing

My Sette 270W seems to be inconsistent in dosing

The 270W’s scale is sensitive to vibration and rocking motions, even when very slight. If the grind weight of your 270W is inaccurate by varying amounts, or if the motor powers off after grinding only a fraction of the required dose, then something is moving more than it should.

Bear in mind that the grinder needs to be placed on a flat, sturdy surface, and sit firmly with all five feet on the counter during operation. If you see any of your Sette’s feet not making full contact with the counter, reach out to for assistance in leveling out your machine.

If the grinder still has under dosing issues, it is important to check that the portafilter hook is secure. Follow this video for correct hook adjustment.”

If dosage is consistently incorrect by a SPECIFIC amount (generally ± 1 gram), the offset needs adjustment. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Unplug the grinder
  2. Plug in the grinder
  3. The display will read “8.0..” then being cycling up, press and hold both UP and DOWN buttons
  4. The screen will flash ‘ofs’ then you can let go of the buttons. A number will be displayed
  5. For espresso grinding we recommend an offset of ~1.1, coarse grinding we recommend ~2.0
  6. To change the offset press UP to increase it or DOWN to decrease
  7. Press play to lock in the change

Please feel free to email us at if you need more help in any way with this issue.