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You Can Find the Right Grind Setting

One of the best features of a burr grinders is a precise and repeatable adjustment system. It allows you to set your grind just right for your needs every time. When you get a new coffee, however, you need to “dial in” to taste because each and every c…

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World of Coffee Berlin 2019

Baratza at WOC 2019 Berlin!

The Baratza team is excited to head to Berlin next week for World of Coffee 2019! It will run from Thursday June 6 – Saturday June 8 at Messe Berlin.   We will be in Hall 2, booth H30 and sharing our space with our good friends Acaia.  This will be our…

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basics of grinding

Basics of Grinding – Common Methods

Different methods, different settings. Different methods for making coffee require different levels of grind, coarse-to-fine. If you’re new to coffee, or new to burr grinders, it can get pretty confusing trying to figure out where to get started. Getti…

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What to Expect From Your Refurbished Sette

It’s here – your refurbished Sette! Packed up in a sturdy, cardboard box with the Baratza logo is the grinder you ordered just a few days earlier. Our refurbished grinders, in their previous life, are often used for a short period before being returned…

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Expo Brew Bar Redux

To experience the wonder of a coffee convention with no two coffees alike is opening pandora’s box. Three days of abundant diversity – coffee, palates, techniques, and equipment. Thinking you already know what to expect, yet are delightfully surprised….

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SCA Expo 2019 – We have lots going on!

We’re (almost) packed, organized, and totally prepared to be immersed in the wonderful madness that is EXPO and the annual gathering of our Specialty Coffee community. We will be in booth #759, super close to the SCA Membership Lounge, right in the hea…

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20 years on the Grind!

Bellevue, WA (March 28, 2019) Baratza was born in 1999, through the inspiration and drive of Kyra Kennedy and Kyle Anderson, from Kyle’s home in Bellevue, WA. For the past 20 years we have been building affordable and reliable precision burr grinders t…

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Holiday Shipping and Hours

Because we know how important fresh coffee is on holiday mornings, we want to make sure your Baratza grinder is up and ready to roll. These are the cutoff times for the shipping methods you are able to select on our website for your order to arrive on…

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There’s more to our motto…

Our motto is “WE GRIND. YOU BREW.” It’s not just a catchy tagline – it is our promise to put in the hard work, not only for our own success but for the growth and accomplishments of all the people we touch, from our parts manufacturers to our resellers…

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