Burriliant news for Sette Series!

Posted on March 16, 2017 by Joyce in Accessories, Blog, Burrs, Grinders, SetteSeries

AP Burr (left) BG Burr (Right)

We’re excited to announce the availability of a 2nd burr for the Sette Series! Since we first designed the Sette Series, we’d always had it in our minds to offer multiple burrs and we now have made that happen – one optimized for espresso and the other for brew/filter.

The Sette 270 and Sette 270W are built with an AP (all-purpose) burr, with the addition of the step–less micro adjust offering the ability to dial–in, making it great for espresso. This Sette AP burr is capable of grinding from espresso fine to Chemex coarse, however it really excels at grinding for espresso.  As a grinder company we have learned that coffee professionals and enthusiasts all have very different taste expectations and approaches for manually brewing coffee. So, after the release of these grinders we continued to work with Etzinger, our burr manufacturer in Lichenstein, to design a BG (brew grind) burr. This burr is designed to give a grind profile that is very good for brew methods requiring a coarser grind.

The clever design of the Sette Series burr assembly offers you, the user, the ability to exchange the cone burr in less than a minute with no tools and no recalibration. You can use the standard shut off hopper to remove the beans, pop out the burr holder, and exchange to your preferred burr. Check this video from about 30 seconds in.

We currently have the BG burr assemblies available from our webstore for purchase for $26 https://www.baratza.com/product/sette-bg-coarse-cone-burr-holder/