Vario review by Kamal Grant of Sublime Doughnuts, Atlanta, GA

Posted on September 23, 2011 by Baratza in Blog, Customers, Grinders, Product Review

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

There are two things we take very seriously in this life: one is doughnuts, the other is coffee (not surprisingly, they go together hand in hand). While the bulk of our day is consumed with talking about, reading about, and making doughnuts, we felt it necessary to focus on our other interest and write about the Vario coffee grinder and emphasize how great this product is.

Most coffee experts as well as everyday, casual drinkers agree that the best tasting coffee is brewed with freshly ground beans. Once beans are ground, they begin to oxidize, much like an opened bottle of wine. Old pre-ground coffee has a tendency to taste bitter, and with the proliferation of inexpensive grinders, more and more people are buying whole bean coffee to grind right before they brew. Of course, finding the RIGHT grinder for the price is the tough part. Grinders exist in every form and size and expense bracket.

Now, while a novice coffee drinker may be able to get away with the luck of the draw we needed the best!! Sublime Doughnuts, Inc., founded in 2008, launched its flagship store in Atlanta, Georgia’s West Midtown district. Sublime is a specialty doughnut and bakeshop with the mission to up-hold its name by selling the highest quality products. To uphold our mission to serve the highest quality products we serve fresh French pressed coffee, which is ground to order. This is significant because we serve up to 300 guests a day, which means we sell 1,000 – 2,000 doughnuts and nearly 150 cups of coffee.

Our coffee service is sustained with ONE Vario Coffee Bean Grinder. The grinders settings “espresso,” “filter,” and “press” perfectly correlates to the amount of water in our 12 oz., 16 oz., and 20 oz French pressed coffee cups. The grinder is easy to operate, makes a wonderful consistent cup of coffee with perfectly ground beans, and is sturdy enough to withstand a commercial volume.

Sublime Doughnuts whole-heartedly endorses Vario Coffee Bean Grinders as the best coffee bean grinder.

Kamal Grant and
the Sublime Team
Sublime Doughnuts, Atlanta, GA