Vario Faceplate

Posted on December 27, 2012 by Baratza in Blog, Customers, Grind by Weight, Grinders, Support

December 27, 2012

Recently we’ve had a lot of questions from consumers about the faceplate change on the Vario and it seems we have been remiss in not sharing the what, why, when of it all!

In 2011, we had Vario customers asking for markings to allow for recording of the grind settings, so they could return to prior settings and improve repeatability. One customer actually did a photoshop mockup which we took and improved on! We first did this with the Vario-W in September 2011, and soon after introduced it on the standard Vario in Fall 2011. The changes to be noted are letters for the Micro settings and numbers for the Macro settings, plus a change from “Espresso, Filter, Press” on the preset buttons to a numbered option.

The picture on the outside of our Vario boxes has not changed yet and we apologize for this confusion. But all Vario’s sold since the Fall of 2011 have the revised faceplate. If you have an older grinder and would like the newer faceplate you can purchase it through our online store for $30.