Shaun Braley

I want to thank you for being an awesome company. I had been looking for a nice coffee grinder but wasn’t sure I wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on one. So I turned to Craigslist. I found a used Starbucks Barista (aka Encore?) for the whopping price of $15. Unfortunately the burr has some emotional issues and as a result is unable to perform in the presence of actual coffee.

I turned to the support section of your website hoping for some kind of repair service, only to be greeted by an insanely detailed list of repair guides (with videos!) and what looks to be every part for your machines for sale, save for maybe the actual case. (And very reasonable prices) Based on my diagnosis I have a bad set of gears and have a upgrade kit on the way. I was, for lack of better words, blown away by the helpfulness of your website. There are too many companies out there that would rather you just buy a new product or shell out $50 for a repair. If I ever decide to spend some real money on a new grinder, it will be a Baratza. Thanks for rocking!