Jerry Bezdikian

In May 2012, a customer, Jerry Bezdikian, responded to a question that our support person, Pierce asked him, upon sending him a new grinder to replace a faulty Preciso. We were honored by his response, especially at being placed in the same category with Apple! Read Jerry’s response here …..

Preciso-Espresso1What do you think?

I’d be happy to tell you what I think…
I think that when I decided to purchase the Preciso, I made an investment in a company that:
A) Makes the best grinders at the best prices. Period!
B) Proudly stands behind the products they manufacture.
C) Places customer satisfaction above all else.
D) Is more honest and forthright than nearly any company I’m aware of.
E) Is owned and staffed by individuals like you who sincerely care about their customers!

That’s what I think!

I’d like to add the following:
There is one company that I’ve praised endlessly, not only for their innovative products, but because of their exemplary record of customer satisfaction. That company is Apple. I’ve said time and again, that other manufacturers need to follow Apple’s lead, in order to achieve historic level of success. Unfortunately, while most manufacturers (especially of consumer products) are aware of Apple’s success, they’re oblivious to understanding Apple’s ‘simple’ formula: outstanding products AND outstanding customer support. I’m happy to say that I’m now aware of one other company on par with Apple and their proven philosophy – and that company is Baratza! I sincerely wish that I could say the same for other manufacturers (especially those who continue to gripe about poor sales figures) – but at least there’s Apple and Baratza – and I’m grateful for that!

I’m also grateful to you, Colin and Kyle for taking a personal interest, devoting time, and taking steps to ensure my total satisfaction… which you’ve already achieved in spades.

Thank you again and again for all of your courtesy, sincerity, professionalism and thoughtfulness. I wish you, and everyone at Baratza and healthy and happy holiday weekend. You deserve it!