Jean-Guy Forcier

Over 6 months ago, I had a Vario with a defective motor and Baratza sent me a new motor (to Quebec, Canada) free of charge even though my grinder was out of warranty.

During this down time I realized how important having a good grinder really is, and just how good the Vario is, cause my department store brand grinder that I took out of retirement during that time was an unacceptable compromise. I’m writing to you now because I finally put my appreciation of the Baratza experience into action, and to avoid ever being without a good grinder by buying a new Vario-W. Some might say having 2 Vario grinders in the same house overkill, but you started this first!!!

You really lived up to your reputation in customer service. What’s ironic is that I never felt like a customer, but more like a member of an elite club cause I was not forced to send it in for repair, you allowed me to fix it myself. Thanks again