Christopher Kane

Hello Kyra, Kyle and all at Baratza,

This message is long overdue. I wanted to extend many thanks to all at Baratza, especially Pierce Jens. A while back my Virtuoso grinder was a little inconsistent. I started a dialog with Pierce troubleshooting the issue as well as reading recommendations on your web page. Within a week I received a new burr holder ring AND an adjustment ring. Unnecessary, but the replacement made a world of difference.

I’ve been let down too many times in the past. My experience with Baratza was just the opposite, actually leaving me feeling a little guilty. I consider myself a very conscientious consumer. Although I do not always buy into the various reviews and customer accounts floating out there on the web, you can add my experience to the list of highly satisfied customers. What I love about Baratza is your commitment to your product and the willingness to back your claims. I simply wanted to start a dialogue and left feeling well taken care of. I tell all coffee enthusiasts to purchase your products and do my best to share my experience with others. Thanks for all you do.