Kyle Anderson

Kyle, Baratza cofounder, is a mechanical genius that loves to improve products and solve problems through design. Never content with the status quo, Kyle is passionate about innovating and discovering the better way. He can fix anything mechanical and has a special knack for helping customers through a difficult fix, step by step.

Kyle always sees ways to improve great design, and his contributions at Baratza are many, including expanded adjustability to grind for any style of coffee, easily repeatable micro-adjust, the weight-based grinding functionality and the innovative ShutOff Hopper that reduces bean waste.

Kyra Kennedy

Baratza cofounder Kyra is the company’s navigator, keeping Baratza on-course to provide great products, offer world-class service, and ensure a top-notch experience for customers, vendors, employees, and owners.

Kyra is passionate about listening, identifying problems and opportunities, and developing creative solutions to support our customers. Solid, quality products backed by compassionate, quality service–this is the winning combination you can expect from Baratza and Kyra Kennedy.

Diane Wood

Diane Wood is our Operations Manager, based in our Bellevue office and manages all our day to day business operations. Her background and extensive experience in retail buying, bookkeeping, and office operations are critical to Baratza as we grow.

Diane has helped us streamline our receiving and shipping operations to ensure that orders are fulfilled. Diane’s attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction has been critical to the growth of Baratza!

Colin Francois

Colin Francois, a support technician, handles the majority of support phone calls and order processing. Colin’s ability to listen patiently, diagnose the problem and communicate a clear-concise solution creates happy, satisfied customers. Colin has an understanding of mechanical systems that has been fortified by his activities outside of the office. Colin is interested and actively involved in coffee preparation, cupping, and testing in our research projects. He attended Barista Camp in 2014. His good-natured attitude, and familiarity with the product line-up and coffee preparation, are invaluable tools for ensuring customer’s complete customer satisfaction with their Baratza experience.

Greg Girton

Greg is responsible for service of the Baratza Grinder Repair Program grinders and Warranty Refurbs in North America. He comes to Baratza with over 40 years of award winning experience in Customer Care and Technical Support Management. His service and management experience is in the fields of electronics and electro mechanical equipment, inventory control, financial and training on a National and International level across a broad range of industries. His goal is to “Create ONLY Very Satisfied Customers”, by exceeding their expectations.

Pierce Jens

Pierce Jens, a support technician, handles the majority of support emails. Pierce uses his innate mechanical ability, knowledge of Baratza grinders, concise written communication and quirky personality to solve customers problems over email. Customers rave about his efficient, friendly emails that quickly pin point the problems and solution, so they can enjoy fresh ground coffee again. Pierce has developed multiple PDF and video instruction guides to help customers perform economical repairs at home, in lieu of shipping the grinder and waiting for it to be repaired and returned. Pierce is often the first to identify product problems and works with the team to figure out field fixes and product updates that fit with Baratza’s culture of continuous improvements.

Alex Choppin

Alex Choppin, Support Specialist, handles the majority of support phone calls and emails, plus order processing. He has7+ years in the Specialty Coffee industry gaining experience as a barista, a trainer, an equipment service technician, and a shop manager. Alex is also a seasoned Brewers Cup competitor placing 3rd in the 2016 USCC. In addition he is a qualified USBC Judge. These combined skills and expertise enable him to better support our customer’s use of our grinders. Whether they are brewing at home, or using them in their cafes – Alex understands our customer’s needs from both perspectives.

Karen Kawaguchi

Karen Kawaguchi is our International Operations Specialist. She is responsible for all things International – processing and scheduling orders, invoicing and processing payments, handling requests for information, and answering questions that our International Customers may have.

Karen brings a wealth of experience to the team from her previous career in software, analysis, and project management. Karen’s ability to manage the details of our international operations and her responsiveness to our Importers is key to the ongoing growth and success of Baratza internationally. In addition, she is often pulled in to handle Baratza Special Projects that benefit from her project management and business analyst skills, as well as her wisdom and patience.

Joyce Klassen

Joyce is a people person who’s all about making connections within the coffee community – baristas, roasters, cafe owners and coffee enthusiasts.

Her role is to listen to the coffee community to better understand how they’re using Baratza products, what feedback they have, and what innovations they’d like to see. In addition Joyce works to support the coffee community and baristas through sponsorship of many different events and competitions. With her strong background in customer care and project management, Joyce uses her experience, know-how and passion to forge strong connections between Baratza and its customers, now and in the future.

David Littrell

David has been instrumental in developing grinders and accessories for Baratza for over 12 years. David understands the marketplace and his partnering with Kyle and Kyra in product development has resulted in building a brand that is a market leader in both aesthetics and innovation.

Principal designer at threeFishdesign, David has utilized over 25 years of developing consumer products to guide Baratza grinders to being industry-leading products. His passion for developing great products supports Baratza’s goal of delivering outstanding experiences and quality products to their customers.