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3 Winners – Grinder Repair, Sustainability, & Creative Writers!

October 28, 2013

by Sarah Dooley, Education & Quality Manager

Grinder repair

You may never run large volumes of rice through your grinder, wash it under a running faucet, or use it to grind peanuts into butter.  And we thank you!  But for those of you who do notice some warranted everyday wear and tear, we have the Grinder Repair Program, for you!

Our founders, Kyle and Kyra’s have a serious mission to keep landfills Baratza-Grinder-Free. To support that, we have created the Repair Program as a way to keep your grinder up to date with the latest product enhancements/ advancements.  Plus, we mend worn-out grinder units and support the great American re-gift (or reason to upgrade because you thoughtfully gave your grinder to your mother in law!).


Depending on which Baratza model you have, your repair price will range from $40 to $85.  There is one fee for every grinder, and it literally includes a top to bottom evaluation including:

  • Diagnose problem(s)
  • Replace worn/broken parts as needed (except burrs)
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Recalibration
  • Testing
  • Return shipping
  • 6 month warranty

We often get asked “When Should I Replace My Burrs?

Unless your burrs are damaged by under-roasted coffee, metal fragments or hard rocks; our rule of thumb is that you can expect the burrs on our grinders to last as follows:

  • Encore, Virtuoso and Preciso burrs 300 to 500 pounds of coffee
  • Vario and Vario-W 500 to 1000 pounds of coffee

There is an additional fee to replace the burrs.  If you think it’s time to do that we can install them for you while your grinder is here for repair.

Our Repair Program brings us an added ‘win’- your comments, and so we celebrate the Baratza-Owning Creative Writers out there!   For those of you who take the time to share some of the best short stories included with their prized grinder we’d like to share your comments to close out this blog post. We respectfully thank you for making us giggle, for keeping us busy learning and we hope you know it’s our mission to keep you grinding coffee for years to come. Thank You!

COMMENT :“I did a bad job putting the case back on and broke some of the plastic pieces…please help me.”

BARATZA: Yes, that happens to the best of us!

COMMENT “I poured ground coffee in the hopper on top of the beans, it clogged and now it won’t start.”

BARATZA: You see, grinders kind of like to do all the grinding…it makes them a little jealous when you put ground coffee in the hopper, silly goose.

COMMENT: “Thank you for the repair – I’m attached to this machine”.

BARATZA: Blushing, you are so welcome, Oliver Strand!

COMMENT: “If you will pardon the expression, today it ground to a halt.”


COMMENT: “Something’s slipping, maybe belt is missing?”

BARATZA: No comment.

COMMENT: “Won’t Grind”

BARATZA: You have come to the right place friend!




Why I Love Coffee

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

This is a guest blog post from my friend, Stacy Roach. While she is not in the coffee biz, she is passionate about good coffee and loves learning about coffee.

I love coffee for a lot of reasons, and when I am sitting at my desk, in the wee hours of the morning, sipping my soy latte, I really love coffee. But the most important reason that I love coffee is really community. I love going to coffee with friends, I love making a latte for guests and I love going to little coffee specialty shops and hanging with people who are passionate about coffee. Such was the experience I had on two Monday nights at Barefoot Coffee Roasters in San Jose.

On Monday nights they hold classes on how to pull the perfect shot of espresso and how to make latte art. Check out their calendar. Can I pull a great shot? Probably not, not yet anyway. As for my latte art, it’s getting better. My attempts at hearts are at least semi-identifiable. I think I am going to give leaves a try next.

Regardless of my own personal skill level on espresso and latte art, I know that I can count on coffee to connect me with other people who also love coffee, it’s this awesome and diverse community that I am a member of, simply because I love coffee. Oh, circular logic! Fun!