Sette – Delay in Shipping – US & Canada

Posted on July 14, 2016 by Joyce in Baratza Company, Blog, Customers, Grinders, Innovation

We have important information to share about the availability of the Sette 270 and 270W grinders!

Designing grinders can be huge fun, especially when you get the wonderful support and feedback we’ve had for the Sette Series. However, as anyone who has ever brought anything to market knows, dealing with manufacturing requires certifications, approvals, production, and shipping – all which bring their own unique requirements and schedules – tedious but necessary.

The good news is that we have made significant progress on our certifications this week – we have passed EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), the most difficult of the tests. We expect to complete the rest of the certifications within the next three weeks and then production will start shortly after that. Certifications for electrical appliances, such as grinders, is complex and challenging. With the Sette Series we have approached certification from a worldwide perspective. This has lengthened the certification process, but we feel, in the end, that this will simplify our worldwide release.

The downside is that this certification process has caused delay in production and shipping. We have notified our Resellers in the US and Canada that they will now receive grinders in the 2nd week of October and you (grinder user) can expect to get them very soon after that. We are working on the updated timeline for our International Resellers, but currently are moving towards Mid November for availability.

Thank you for your patience as you await the delivery of your Sette.