Sarah Dooley on Serving Well

Posted on October 1, 2013 by Baratza in Baratza Company, Blog, Grinders, Support

Post by Sarah Dooley, Education and Quality Manager

No one will debate I have had the privilege of working with some of the coffee industry’s finest equipment employers, Visions Espresso, Espresso Parts, Olympia Coffee Roasters & La Marzocco, just to name a few. Everyone who knows me well will attest to my goals of delivering great experiences. I think about how it might feel to walk through the doors of a new space, talk to a total stranger about a product problem or order a specific beverage. I put myself in their shoes, I think about ways to make them feel safe, smart, and comfortable so they will trust me enough to be completely honest with their needs. Why? Because when people are comfortable they tend to remember well, share well, aren’t afraid to tell you the truth…even over share a little. The ultimate goal is to get past the fear and into solving a problem whether that is fixing the equipment, ordering the right beverage or introducing better brew habits. Obviously, understanding the needs and fears of another person is a bit of a vague comment as it applies to either being behind a bar, serving a table, or being in an equipment showroom. Either way my goals are simple. Get comfortable with my guest quickly so I can learn how to serve best. You can only do all the above by being a product expert, having a sincere desire to serve each person on their level of competency & having a true love of serving well.

As I started working at Baratza, I wondered how serving well and taking care might look for me and for the team I am joining. In the last two months I have come to learn that the culture at Baratza is focused on a total customer experience. Needless to say, a focus that continues well after the purchase and into the lifespan of the grinder with the customer. More on that culture, customer support and the operations team in my next blog…….