Vario-W with Steel Burr Set Installed (Refurb)

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Vario-W with Shut-off Hopper Refurb

The Vario-W comes with the shut-off hopper. The Vario W comes with a ceramic burr that is good for all styles of coffee and grinds at 2 grams/second. We offer an option of a metal burr that is excellent for coarse grind for manual brew and grinds at 1 gram/second. You will be offered the option after you click to buy. If you order the steel burr, we will install the burr. You will not receive the ceramic burr.


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Steel Burr (set)

54mm Steel burr set for Forte, Vario and Vario-W. These burrs give a very consistent coarse grind. Testing has shown it to be excellent for manual brew. If you are purchasing a NEW Vario-W and wish to have the metal burrs instead of the ceramic burrs, you may purchase them for the special price of $25, installed by our technicians. This offer ONLY valid at the time of purchasing the Vario-W

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 15.5 x 7.5 x 13.5 in


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