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Vario-E Renamed To Vario-W !

June 7th, 2011 By joyce | Comments: no responses

June 7, 2011

Effective immediately, Baratza has renamed the new weight-based grinder Vario-E to the Vario-W .  The ‘W’ represents weight .  This name change seemed to make more sense for us, is easier for people to remember the association with the weighing feature, and the right time for the change – before they are actually on the market.  By the way, we are expecting them to arrive in North America and available for sale in early August.  The Esatto will also be available at the same time.

The Vario-W is currently on bar at Noble Coffee in Ashland, OR and Thump Coffee in Bend, OR.  Very shortly, it will be put to the test at PT’s Coffee in Topeka, KA and Greenway Coffee & Tea in Houston.  We’ve received good and important feedback already from Noble and as a result have made some key design/build improvements.  We are so appreciative of these roasters and cafes taking the time to test these new products and give us feedback.