Oliver Strand of the New York Times writes of the importance of a burr grinder to make great coffee. He highlights the new Encore grinder as a good entry point for those starting out to grind coffee at home.

Here is an excerpt….. “I’m often asked what gadget one should buy to make better coffee at home, and I always give the same answer: get a good grinder. Then I wait for the blank response.

EncoreThe reaction is understandable. A good grinder is an expensive, bulky appliance with less sex appeal than a blender — praising one is like bringing up renter’s insurance, or which antihistamine to take this spring. Solid advice, but not exactly a sentiment that stirs one’s passions. No matter: get a good grinder, which is to say, get a burr grinder, which will improve the quality of the coffee you drink at home more than any other single piece of equipment. As a rule, you will make better coffee with a good grinder and a cheap coffee setup than with a cheap grinder and the most sophisticated coffee maker on the market.

Why? Because a good burr grinder serves a vital function. It grinds evenly.

Which is one of the fundamentals of better extraction, and better coffee. Use an inexpensive blade grinder and some of the beans will be chopped into coarse chunks (which won’t give up all of their flavors), some into fine powder (which will give up too much, including bitter notes). Brew that mess on a Chemex and you’ll get underdeveloped and overdeveloped flavors, the raw and the overcooked. Use a burr grinder and all of the beans will be evenly milled, crushed into particles by rotating burrs until reduced to the size you set. The better the grinder, the more uniform the grounds, the more even the extraction, and the better the brew.”

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Oliver Strand of NY Times on the Encore Grinder