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New Retail Box For The Virtuoso

November 13th, 2012 By joyce | Comments: no responses

Watch out for changes to the Retail Box for the Virtuoso…

Baratza has finally redesigned the Virtuoso 586 retail box with the updated UPC code and Part #.

The background info: In November 2011 Baratza updated the Virtuoso by putting in the Preciso Burrs. At that time we:

  • Changed the part # to 586 (was 585)
  •  Changed the MAP price to $229 (was $199)
  • Changed the UPC code on our price sheet to 838823005861 from 838823005854 (marked at the bottom of the box)
  • Added a sticker to the box that said ‘586

However, we did not update the Retail Box :(

A year later we have finally updated the box! Ouch! We apologize for the delay and any confusion or inconvenience this has caused. We are now beginning to ship the Virtuoso in the new box. Please be assured that the grinder in the old box and the grinder in the new box are identical.

So if you are out shopping – please know that this is the reason why you might be seeing different boxes for the Virtuoso!

Here’s what to expect for the new box. The picture on the right, shows both the new and the old box!