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Coffee Common NYC – Vario-W

January 25th, 2012 By joyce | Comments: no responses

January 25, 2011

Last week, from January 19-22, NY based coffee interested people, had the wonderful opportunity to attend  Coffee Common at A Startup Store in Chelsea.  It was an event designed around exposing people to exploring new areas of coffee.  Bars were set up for tasting the differences in the same coffees, but brewed differently, as well as the taste effect of adding ingredients like cream/milk and sugar.  There were areas to show people a variety of brewing techniques with the bonus of people being able to get hands-on and try them out themselves!

Baratza was happy to support the event by having the Vario-W, our weight based ceramic flat burr grinder, on bar to ensure that the beans from the five great roasters were ground to meet the sweet spot for the bean, the roast and the brew method used!








Coffee Common said “When it came to meeting the demand of our busy bars with a line out the door, efficiency was incredibly important to maintain quality without rushing the baristas. Baratza set us up with enough Vario-W’s and hopper extenders to completely remove the step of pre-weighing coffee for every pour over we served. With a built in scale, the grinder served up an accurate dose of fresh ground coffee with the push of a button. This was immensely useful and allowed the baristas to focus more on engaging with customers and less with tedious necessities.”

Read more here about the event and all the other great coffee, people, and tools that were on hand to make this such a successful event