Never Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Posted on September 23, 2011 by Baratza in Blog

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Or when given a present, be grateful for your good fortune and don’t look for more by examining it to assess its value. This is good advice, but….

My 17 year old daughter recently returned from a trip to Costa Rica , bummer that I did not get to go along. She brought everyone in the family a specially selected gift that she thought they would love. Well she brought me coffee of course. What else would you buy a coffee lover when visiting a coffee producing nation? She handed me the bags with great excitement explaining that the guy at the store had told her these were the best in Costa Rica. One was whole bean Italian Espresso roast and the other was ground (bummer). She explained that she understood that ground coffee was not a good idea, but she loved the design of the bag.

The next morning she came out to ask how I liked the coffee. I looked at my delicious Ritual Sweet-tooth cappuccino and said that it was up next. As I opened the bag, I dipped my nose in to smell the rich aroma a fresh roasted coffee. Not!! The beans smelled stale and tasted stale.

The coffee from Costa Rica was an incredible and thoughtful gift, because it made me appreciate even more the coffee I drink each day and the people behind the coffee. Just this month I have had the pleasure of drinking Blue Bottle, Barefoot, Ritual, Stumptown, Intelligentsia, Pacific Bay, Four Barrel, Verve, Zoka, Metropolis, Klatch, Cherry Hill and Luna. I wish everyone was lucky enough to experience the great taste of fresh roasted, fresh ground quality coffee from around the world. I am truly bless.