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  • Details

    Please note: The Esatto is pictured on the left, with a Preciso grinder in place, to demonstrate the overall look.

    Make your great grinder even better with Baratza’s innovative Esatto, an accessory that can turn your Baratza grinder into a real time, weight-based grinding machine. Set the weight you want and the Esatto does the rest, weighing the ground coffee within a tenth of a gram while grinding, and stopping automatically.

    The Esatto is an accessory that is designed specifically for use with your Baratza Encore, Virtuoso, or Preciso.  With its easy assembly and simple operation, you will be grinding by weight in minutes. The Esatto was initially designed for use in a manual brew bar in a café, eliminating the need to manually pre-weigh coffee beans.  The built-in precision load cell provides accurate weighting, while grinding, to within 0.1 grams. Three user-programmable buttons make for repeatable, one- touch grinding.

    The Esatto is a perfect way to showcase home brewing methods and equipment. Use the Esatto plus a Baratza grinder on the manual brew bar, and show your customer that they can purchase the grinder, brew method and coffee for use at home.

    Digital Control Panel: The front-mounted control panel with LED display is easy and intuitive. Three programmable buttons allow the user to program in the desired weight (+/- 0.1)  Simply press the START button, and the Esatto automatically delivers precise dosing.

  • Specifications

    • Weight:3 lbs (1.36 kg)
    • Dimensions WxD cm: 13×31 cm
    • Height added to the grinder: 3 cm
    • Grounds Bin Capacity:  3 oz. (85 g)
    • Compatible with: Maestro Plus (not Maestro), Encore, Virtuoso, Preciso grinders
    • Power Rating (North America) 110 V AC 50/60 Hz. 1.4 Amp
    • Designed & Engineered: Seattle, WA,
    • Esatto Manufactured and Assembled: Taiwan
    • Exploded View and Parts List: Click Here to View

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  • Comparison Chart

    This Comparison Chart does not apply to the Esatto. The Esatto works as an accessory for the Encore, Virtuoso and Preciso Grinders.

~Collin Moody, Barista, Chicago

After heavy use of the Esatto, paired with a Preciso grinder, I have no hesitations in recommending this setup to most coffee bars currently brewing by the cup. The intuitive and efficient setup allows for a huge save in time and tedious labor weighing out batches, and the Preciso is a perfect grinder to handle the diverse settings needed for the task. Overall I can’t commend Baratza enough for their work on this product, it represents a huge step forward for the Specialty Coffee industry.