Mike Cook

I had a piece of wood in my beans and stripped the gear in my Virtuoso grinder on Thanksgiving morning ( Bummer had to find a backup blade grinder to make do for the Holidays  !).

Your website gave me the correct information about the problem, helped me order the correct part (which was reasonably priced), and got it shipped to me in 2 business days. The instructions on your website were outstanding, and allowed me to repair my grinder in a very short time. I had a few questions but every one of them was answered by the instructions laid out in your support page.

This was the best customer service experience I have had in a long time. Thanks for the excellent support ! I will be heavily inclined to purchase your products in the future and will recommend them to my friends !

David Greenwald

I would like to commend Pierce Jens for his wonderful customer service. I don’t expect perfection from the products I purchase, but I do hope that the company will back up what it sells, and Baratza obviously has a commitment to doing so as demonstrated by the exchanges I have had with Pierce. He has been both gracious and helpful (and very non-judgmental considering at least some of the problems I experienced were due to my own clumsiness). He responds promptly to my questions and concerns and provides the appropriate information. It has been a pleasure to deal with him and is a wonderful reflection on your company.


David Loken

Wow. I have to say that you’ve all impressed me with the customer service. I can understand a malfunctioning product, it’s what a company does when it happens that counts and you’ve exceeded my wildest expectations.


Jeff Krivohlavek

I’m super happy with the Vario. It seriously is like a revelation. I see why it’s such an impressive home espresso grinder — I’ve had some amazing shots from it just in the first day, and the timer has allowed me to grind to within 0.1 grams every time.


Andy Allen

I just installed the new gear and ground an ounce of beans. The replacement process went exactly as described in your support document, and the grinder is working again.I want to thank you for your prompt service and great support. I’m very impressed and I’ll be happy to buy another of your products when it’s time to upgrade.


Glenn Bugg

I felt it was important to respond to you on my coffee grinder repair. I called on Monday to ask for info. I got a real person and not a computer-Surprising! When I talked to you, you understood the problem and the fix-Amazing! You sent instructions on the repair immediately and parts were shipped within two hours(free!!)-Unbelievable!!!

I got the parts in two days and have repaired the grinder. I just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate your help. It is so unusual these days to deal with a company that provides the response you did.

Lori Dircks

I recently had a problem with my Maestro Plus coffee grinder. Youresponded to my email amazingly quickly and were tremendously helpful. I am very impressed with the level of customer service you provide. Quality and customer service are the two most important factors in any purchase I make–much more important than cost. No question that my next grinder will be from Baratza.

Thanks for all your wonderful help.

Bill Tauskey

Thank you for your pleasant, prompt and informative help on the phone earlier this morning. My Maestro is now cleaned, back together and working as well as it always has. I can be a hard person to please (expecting at least ‘reasonable’ support) – your support line provided a ‘far exceeds’ performance this morning in helping me with my problem. I continue to be a very pleased customer who will provide strong encouragement to anyone I know to purchase Baratza products when in the market for a coffee grinder.

Thanks again for starting my new year out on a positive note… hope your new year will be a great one also.

James Warren, Barefoot Coffee Works

I wanted to say we really love your new Preciso grinder and think it produces better grind quality than previous models. The micro adjustment works quite well and does make it possible to pull very good shots. We took it on a few demos at Whole Foods to really give it a work out and it passed with flying colors.

Dr. G. Poole, Fresno, CA

A fast note to let you know that my new Vario is REMARKABLE. After 30-plus years making espresso. After European trips (Italy primarily) to worship at the FONT of espresso perfection, I have FINALLY arrived. Your Vario is, frankly, superb. Nothing less. I love it. I would marry it if my wife would grant me a coffee divorce. You guys rock. Awesome. Please feel free to quote me.

VERY happy, satisfied and delighted customer.