Shaun Braley

I want to thank you for being an awesome company. I had been looking for a nice coffee grinder but wasn’t sure I wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on one. So I turned to Craigslist. I found a used Starbucks Barista (aka Encore?) for the whopping price of $15. Unfortunately the burr has some emotional issues and as a result is unable to perform in the presence of actual coffee.

I turned to the support section of your website hoping for some kind of repair service, only to be greeted by an insanely detailed list of repair guides (with videos!) and what looks to be every part for your machines for sale, save for maybe the actual case. (And very reasonable prices) Based on my diagnosis I have a bad set of gears and have a upgrade kit on the way. I was, for lack of better words, blown away by the helpfulness of your website. There are too many companies out there that would rather you just buy a new product or shell out $50 for a repair. If I ever decide to spend some real money on a new grinder, it will be a Baratza. Thanks for rocking!

David Coode

I have a Virtuoso grinder that I’ve been using for about 4 years. It’s done great service. Then it stopped working and I made things worse with my poking and prodding. Then… I found your service FAQ and manuals. 15 minutes later it is working again, cleaned and good as new! I just wanted to say thank you for building a servicable product AND for posting the directions to service it. I wish all companies would do this. THANK YOU!

Gabriel Kory

I recently had need to contact your warranty department as I have lately been experiencing issues with my Virtuoso Preciso grinder. I ended up speaking with Colin, and I must say, I was extremely pleased with the customer service I received. Colin had a fantastic attitude, displayed in-depth of knowledge of your products, and most importantly, he made me feel that it was important to him that I was taken care of.

I have loved your products, but now I have a new appreciation for the company itself. Colin has exemplified the standards that I am sure your company has put in place. This clearly speaks very highly not only of himself, but of his superiors and the company ethics as a whole.
Bottom line, I feel extremely well taken care of and look forward to continuing to support and promote your company.
Thanks for everything.

Ted Adams


I am not particularly mechanically inclined, hopelessly impatient, and follow directions badly. But with your pictures, even I was able to rebuild this thing (gear box 2.0 installation in the Virtuoso) — and to the amazement of my wife, without a single F bomb! Thanks again.

Don Ramer

Just want to thank you folks for your very informative website and reasonably priced parts. You shipped to Canada using an inexpensive international envelope, which made parts that I ordered even more reasonable. Most US companies only ship by very expensive courier. You are the only company in my experience which offers a complete line of replacement parts, along with detailed do-it-yourself instructions. Fantastic! Keep up the great work. You are a model of good corporate responsibility. Thank you again. I look forward to dealing with you in future.

Christopher Kane

Hello Kyra, Kyle and all at Baratza,
This message is long overdue. I wanted to extend many thanks to all at Baratza, especially Pierce Jens. A while back my Virtuoso grinder was a little inconsistent. I started a dialog with Pierce troubleshooting the issue as well as reading recommendations on your web page. Within a week I received a new burr holder ring AND an adjustment ring. Unnecessary, but the replacement made a world of difference.

I’ve been let down too many times in the past. My experience with Baratza was just the opposite, actually leaving me feeling a little guilty. I consider myself a very conscientious consumer. Although I do not always buy into the various reviews and customer accounts floating out there on the web, you can add my experience to the list of highly satisfied customers. What I love about Baratza is your commitment to your product and the willingness to back your claims. I simply wanted to start a dialogue and left feeling well taken care of. I tell all coffee enthusiasts to purchase your products and do my best to share my experience with others. Thanks for all you do.

Sam Decock

Hi Pierce,
I have been really busy lately, but I put as much time as I could into using the Virtuoso and checking it out. On first impression, I love just having the macro selection. It’s nice to not worry about a sliding micro arm, or an added adjustment mechanism that simply does not get used. I used the new grinder to make my morning V60 and when I had the time, I did take a look at the grind consistency. It looks just as nice as the Preciso, as expected.

Simplicity. That’s what I think of when I use the Virtuoso. The Preciso has a great feature set, but the Preciso burrs turn the Virtuoso into a dream manual pour over grinder. Paired with the Esatto, I am in heaven. I wish I could clone my Virtuoso, or bring it to my office every day – don’t get me wrong, I love my LIDO – but I love the burrs in this machine. As expected, I noticed no difference in the cup, and would attribute any difference simply to the new burrs versus my Preciso’s burrs, which have seen plenty of coffee to be considered sufficiently broken in. The consistency is spot on and the range of grinds is fantastic. Between the simplicity of the grind settings and the sleek and simple profile of the grinder, I cannot imagine a better grinder for manual brewing. If I had the extra money, I would put one in my office without question.

Jerry Bezdikian

In May 2012, a customer, Jerry Bezdikian, responded to a question that our support person, Pierce asked him, upon sending him a new grinder to replace a faulty Preciso. We were honored by his response, especially at being placed in the same category with Apple! Read Jerry’s response here …..


What do you think?

I’d be happy to tell you what I think…
I think that when I decided to purchase the Preciso, I made an investment in a company that:
A) Makes the best grinders at the best prices. Period!
B) Proudly stands behind the products they manufacture.
C) Places customer satisfaction above all else.
D) Is more honest and forthright than nearly any company I’m aware of.
E) Is owned and staffed by individuals like you who sincerely care about their customers!

That’s what I think!

I’d like to add the following:
There is one company that I’ve praised endlessly, not only for their innovative products, but because of their exemplary record of customer satisfaction. That company is Apple. I’ve said time and again, that other manufacturers need to follow Apple’s lead, in order to achieve historic level of success. Unfortunately, while most manufacturers (especially of consumer products) are aware of Apple’s success, they’re oblivious to understanding Apple’s ‘simple’ formula: outstanding products AND outstanding customer support. I’m happy to say that I’m now aware of one other company on par with Apple and their proven philosophy – and that company is Baratza! I sincerely wish that I could say the same for other manufacturers (especially those who continue to gripe about poor sales figures) – but at least there’s Apple and Baratza – and I’m grateful for that!

I’m also grateful to you, Colin and Kyle for taking a personal interest, devoting time, and taking steps to ensure my total satisfaction… which you’ve already achieved in spades.

Thank you again and again for all of your courtesy, sincerity, professionalism and thoughtfulness. I wish you, and everyone at Baratza and healthy and happy holiday weekend. You deserve it!

Bill Blinn

In addition to being a technology writer, I sometimes consult with clients on marketing and communications. Today I had an experience that I sincerely hope no other firm ever emulates because it would mean that my input is no longer needed. To be truthful, I wish that every company I’ve ever dealt with as a consumer or an adviser would take this approach.

Here’s the back story: Several months ago, I bought a coffee grinder that I use at the office. This morning I decided to clean it but when I took it apart I discovered that one of the parts had broken. The manual that came with the grinder provided an e-mail address for support.
Time: About 6:10 am. I wrote:
Good morning,
I purchased one of your Maestro grinders about 6 or 8 months ago. When it was empty today, I decided to disassemble it and clean it. The plastic piece that encircles the ring burr is cracked into two pieces and, from the looks of the surfaces of the breaks, it appears to have been broken for a long time. What do I need to do to obtain a replacement part?

The company ( is in Bellevue, Washington. At 12:15 my time (or 9:15 in Washington), Pierce Jens replied:
Hi Bill,
What is a good mailing address? Your grinder is young enough, I would like to send you the part for free.
Pierce Jens
Baratza Support
3923 120th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98006
Ph 425-641-1245

I replied with my mailing address and 6 minutes later (SIX MINUTES LATER!), I received a reply:
En route today. Let me know if you have any further questions or issues.
Pierce Jens
Baratza Support
3923 120th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98006
Ph 425-641-1245

The coffee grinder isn’t a high-priced unit. As I recall, I paid about $100 for it. It would have been more cost effective (or apparently so) to just ignore my request or to tell me that a replacement part would cost $25 plus a $15 shipping fee. But the company clearly stands by its products and is sending the replacement part I need without request for proof of purchase (which I could easily have provided).

It’s a mystery to me why more companies don’t operate this way and the only conclusion I have been able to reach is that most companies are run by short-sighted fools. Fortunately, Baratza’s owners have empowered its employees to do the right thing.

What a novel concept!

Jean-Guy Forcier

Over 6 months ago, I had a Vario with a defective motor and Baratza sent me a new motor (to Quebec, Canada) free of charge even though my grinder was out of warranty.

During this down time I realized how important having a good grinder really is, and just how good the Vario is, cause my department store brand grinder that I took out of retirement during that time was an unacceptable compromise. I’m writing to you now because I finally put my appreciation of the Baratza experience into action, and to avoid ever being without a good grinder by buying a new Vario-W. Some might say having 2 Vario grinders in the same house overkill, but you started this first!!!

You really lived up to your reputation in customer service. What’s ironic is that I never felt like a customer, but more like a member of an elite club cause I was not forced to send it in for repair, you allowed me to fix it myself. Thanks again