Kyle H

December 30, 2013

I wanted to take this time to let you know about the amazing customer support I have been receiving over the last couple months from one of your associates. Pierce Jens has been outstanding, plain and simple. His responses are timely, accurate, efficient and I feel like I am talking to someone that has a vested interest in the resolution of my problems.

I had my Vario blow a transistor upon arrival to France from my former residence in the US. Pierce walked me through the investigation and helped me diagnose and order the power board with limited pain, offered electrical advice and got me back on the road to enjoying coffee in a foreign city.

I had a recent customer service issue regarding a kettle I brought to France from the US with a different vendor of coffee equipment and in no way was that experience enjoyable or engaging.

Thank you for all you do for the coffee community!

Eric Nelson

Thank you for the quick return of my Maestro Plus!  I hoped, but did not expect it to get back so quickly.  I purchased a Virtuoso prior to sending the Maestro back for repairs to make sure I could still grind my coffee, and I am very happy with the new grinder.  I will be ecstatic if it makes it 8 years like the Maestro did before needing any work done on it. The Maestro has ground a minimum of one pot a day, and most days two, for those eight years.  I don’t know if that is a lot of grinding for that machine, but it made it longer than any other grinder I have ever used.

I have tried the repaired Maestro and it is grinding much better and quieter than before.  Will keep it as a back up in case anything happens to the Virtuoso.

Thank you for being so quick and doing such a good job!



Harry Chapin

I just got off the phone with one of your support people, Sarah – from QC/Education, and it was a great dialog. I have been pricing new grinders because my grinder had become a community machine for a bunch of 20 somethings who I’ve been nurturing in what’s good – and they smoked it. Long story short – I was on the fence between Rocky and a Preciso. I grilled her about the consumable burr shims, temperature issues between steel and ceramic, Fines, and why you’re not using your conicals in your higher priced grinders and she pleasantly and expertly answered all my questions. She is an asset to your brand. I hope to be brewing Baratza ground coffee for years to come.

Adrian Owen

You guys rock. Yesterday morning my grinder makes this noise and my thoughts are something like: “I betcha I will see plastic sawdust inside, lets have a look … ah yes, that will need parts, betcha its a write-off …” And I am sad, cause I just bought a pound of Espresso beans, and I am going to bed with the motivator I can get up and have an espresso.
So with low expectations I visit the Baratza site and not only are there parts, but the breakdowns are online and there are videos and pdf to diagnose and repair. Then I am not sure my motor, so I call support, guy named Colin answers, tells me exactly what I need to know. I order and you ship my parts the next day.

You guys are epic. What a way to make a customer rave about you. In fact I just told 2 of my friends to buy a Baratza. One of them is actually somewhat shopping for a grinder. Its pretty cool to have something that isn’t throw away, even if it wasn’t terribly expensive to start with. Thanks.

Bob Bowser

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the ability to easily repair my older grinder (Solis Maetro). The grinder no longer adjusted due to a build up of debris and then failure of the plastic adjustment ring under stress. However, I was able to get the parts from your website and find a clear PDF that detailed the replacement instructions. It is really nice to be able to fix a small broken part these days than throw out a solid working device. Thanks for the quality design, super support and dedication to the life cycle of your products.

Shaun Braley

I want to thank you for being an awesome company. I had been looking for a nice coffee grinder but wasn’t sure I wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on one. So I turned to Craigslist. I found a used Starbucks Barista (aka Encore?) for the whopping price of $15. Unfortunately the burr has some emotional issues and as a result is unable to perform in the presence of actual coffee.

I turned to the support section of your website hoping for some kind of repair service, only to be greeted by an insanely detailed list of repair guides (with videos!) and what looks to be every part for your machines for sale, save for maybe the actual case. (And very reasonable prices) Based on my diagnosis I have a bad set of gears and have a upgrade kit on the way. I was, for lack of better words, blown away by the helpfulness of your website. There are too many companies out there that would rather you just buy a new product or shell out $50 for a repair. If I ever decide to spend some real money on a new grinder, it will be a Baratza. Thanks for rocking!

David Coode

I have a Virtuoso grinder that I’ve been using for about 4 years. It’s done great service. Then it stopped working and I made things worse with my poking and prodding. Then… I found your service FAQ and manuals. 15 minutes later it is working again, cleaned and good as new! I just wanted to say thank you for building a servicable product AND for posting the directions to service it. I wish all companies would do this. THANK YOU!

Gabriel Kory

I recently had need to contact your warranty department as I have lately been experiencing issues with my Virtuoso Preciso grinder. I ended up speaking with Colin, and I must say, I was extremely pleased with the customer service I received. Colin had a fantastic attitude, displayed in-depth of knowledge of your products, and most importantly, he made me feel that it was important to him that I was taken care of.

I have loved your products, but now I have a new appreciation for the company itself. Colin has exemplified the standards that I am sure your company has put in place. This clearly speaks very highly not only of himself, but of his superiors and the company ethics as a whole.
Bottom line, I feel extremely well taken care of and look forward to continuing to support and promote your company.
Thanks for everything.

Ted Adams


I am not particularly mechanically inclined, hopelessly impatient, and follow directions badly. But with your pictures, even I was able to rebuild this thing (gear box 2.0 installation in the Virtuoso) — and to the amazement of my wife, without a single F bomb! Thanks again.

Don Ramer

Just want to thank you folks for your very informative website and reasonably priced parts. You shipped to Canada using an inexpensive international envelope, which made parts that I ordered even more reasonable. Most US companies only ship by very expensive courier. You are the only company in my experience which offers a complete line of replacement parts, along with detailed do-it-yourself instructions. Fantastic! Keep up the great work. You are a model of good corporate responsibility. Thank you again. I look forward to dealing with you in future.