Patrick Hughes

In response to a recent fix on a Vario W, Baratza owner, Patrick Hughes, gave us this wonderful feedback about how he connected to our focus on repairing, not dumping your grinder –
“In a side note, you guys are awesome! I have a Maestro grinder at home that I have had for ~5 years. I was thinking about scrapping because it no longer adjusted (making coffee difficult to make well). I saw your “don’t throw it away” campaign and decided to see if it was fixable. Long story short, I had lost the detent and my hopper collar was broken. $7 of parts and 15 minutes of fixing (after reading your guides/FAQs) and it is working like new.
I love your philosophy, how you build your grinders to be easily taken apart and fixed, and the support that you give. So thanks for being a great company.”

David Brown

Thank you again for your great technical support and, every bit as important, your attitude of customer service.

You guys are amazing. Great product line. Great company. Great website. Great customer service. Great tech support. Great communication. Great people.

The integrity, competence, and spirit you folks bring to the game is first rate. Top drawer.

I’m old enough by now to know, that when I am fortunate enough to find a good thing … I’m sticking with it.

“That’s my opinion … and I ain’t changin’.” Just sayin’ … ;-}~


Thank you, Colin and your team, for the amazing customer support and wonderful repair job on my Virtuoso grinder. After Colin had patiently spent time with me on the phone to help me resolve the problem at home, including sending me parts and excellent instructions, I decided to send the grinder in on the repair program. I had it back within days, purring away as good as new. I have never experienced such exceptional service, and well beyond any normal warranty. Thank you again. I wish you continued success for many years to come.

Jim – Nova Scotia

Hi Pierce. I want to express my appreciation for your help in this process. I was really disappointed when the grinder initially stopped, as we really liked it, and it wasn’t cheap. The idea of sending it off to be repaired sounded like a lot of money for a two year grinder. Luckily, I contacted support at baratza, and I was really impressed with how quickly you got back to me, and the detailed troubleshooting .pdfs and videos you directed me to. The diagnosis was easy with your help, the parts ordered and shipped quickly, and again the guidance with the install was excellent. I would have to say that the customer support was the best I’ve ever encountered with any product. I went from being sorry I’d chosen the baratza to being convinced I’d never buy anything else. The whole process showed me how the grinder components can all be replaced as they wear, it’s really nice to see a product that is designed for easy repair, rather than just be chucked in the garbage when it breaks down. And your informational and instructional videos are spot on, you’ve got a great way of explaining things both in words and video. Over all, I’m completely impressed, and will be a baratza customer for life!

Rob Harriell

I just wanted to let you know that Baratza continues to be an exceptional example of customer support. I recently had some problems with my Preciso so I gave your team a call. Colin picked up, immediately diagnosed my problem and sent some parts my way.

The parts arrived in three day…and I live in NYC! While I’m a fairly handy guy, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything 100% perfectly, so along with your great directions and videos, I called Baratza four separate times. Both Colin and Pierce answered my questions and guided me to a perfect repair of my grinder.

Can’t speak highly enough about Colin and Pierce and the whole Baratza team!

This is my third Baratza grinder and I have recommended Baratza to all of my coffee drinking my family and friends. If I can ever scratch together the dough for another upgrade, you better believe I’ll stick with Baratza.

Judy English

A note, after a visit to our offices……..”Hi Pierce. The grinder works beautifully! Sorry we missed meeting you. We had a fantastic experience – friendly, gracious, efficient, AND Drew did a fantastic job turning our used grinder into an ‘almost new!’ grinder. We’ve been vocal supporters of the Baratza Virtuoso grinder, and now that we have experienced your team in-person, we’re are even more impressed. Since we live out on the Olympic Peninsula, Drew repairing our grinder while we were there saved us a later trip for pick-up and allowed us to have our normal expresso coffee this morning. Thanks again.”

Matt, North Carolina

Hi, I recently ordered some replacement parts for my Preciso grinder. Your excellent online instructions on troubleshooting and servicing the grinder made replacing the adjustment ring, burr holder, and paddle wheel easy and straightforward. The grinder now operated like new. Also, the parts were supposed to arrive Monday, Feb. 3, but instead arrived on Saturday, Feb. 1. I also received a very prompt and thorough reply to an inquiry that I submitted last Thursday.

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the excellent service provided by Baratza. The number of companies out there these days who provide such comprehensive support for their products is few and far between. For that reason alone, I would buy another Baratza product without hesitation, and if I should decide to upgrade from the Preciso, rest assured that the Vario would be my next grinder purchase.

Kyle H

December 30, 2013

I wanted to take this time to let you know about the amazing customer support I have been receiving over the last couple months from one of your associates. Pierce Jens has been outstanding, plain and simple. His responses are timely, accurate, efficient and I feel like I am talking to someone that has a vested interest in the resolution of my problems.

I had my Vario blow a transistor upon arrival to France from my former residence in the US. Pierce walked me through the investigation and helped me diagnose and order the power board with limited pain, offered electrical advice and got me back on the road to enjoying coffee in a foreign city.

I had a recent customer service issue regarding a kettle I brought to France from the US with a different vendor of coffee equipment and in no way was that experience enjoyable or engaging.

Thank you for all you do for the coffee community!

Eric Nelson

Thank you for the quick return of my Maestro Plus!  I hoped, but did not expect it to get back so quickly.  I purchased a Virtuoso prior to sending the Maestro back for repairs to make sure I could still grind my coffee, and I am very happy with the new grinder.  I will be ecstatic if it makes it 8 years like the Maestro did before needing any work done on it. The Maestro has ground a minimum of one pot a day, and most days two, for those eight years.  I don’t know if that is a lot of grinding for that machine, but it made it longer than any other grinder I have ever used.

I have tried the repaired Maestro and it is grinding much better and quieter than before.  Will keep it as a back up in case anything happens to the Virtuoso.

Thank you for being so quick and doing such a good job!



Harry Chapin

I just got off the phone with one of your support people, Sarah – from QC/Education, and it was a great dialog. I have been pricing new grinders because my grinder had become a community machine for a bunch of 20 somethings who I’ve been nurturing in what’s good – and they smoked it. Long story short – I was on the fence between Rocky and a Preciso. I grilled her about the consumable burr shims, temperature issues between steel and ceramic, Fines, and why you’re not using your conicals in your higher priced grinders and she pleasantly and expertly answered all my questions. She is an asset to your brand. I hope to be brewing Baratza ground coffee for years to come.