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Sette – Part II – Etzinger

Part II – 3/16/16

One of the totally new pieces to the Sette is the revolutionary grinding mechanism.

We have been working with Etzinger engineering, a conical burr manufacturer in Lichtenstein for many years. Christian Etzinger was an aeronautical engineer before getting into burr design. Check out this clip of the grind mechanism.

This technology sets a new standard in simplicity, efficiency, and durability. At its core the mechanism is a straight-thru grinder, meaning a bottomless grinder. Coffee passes thru the grinder vertically, and drops directly into the grounds bin or portafilter. There are almost no residual grounds in the system and the coffee is actively transported into and out of the grinder, not relying simply on gravity. Ground coffee retention is kept to a minimum assuring every grind is as fresh as possible.

There’s more to come on another partnership in the development of the Sette! Keep listening and watching to learn more!