Baratza Vario-W works the Coffee Common brew bar at TED2012

Posted on February 27, 2012 by Baratza in Baratza Company, Blog, Community Support, Customers, Grind by Weight, Grinders

Monday, February 27, 2012

Today marks the beginning of TED2012 conference in Long Beach, CA and TED Active 2012 in Palm Springs,CA.

Coffee Common will be delighting the TED attendees with these amazing coffees, specially chosen for the event:

Detour Coffee – Ephiphanie Bufcafe Rwanda
Intelligentsia – Anjilanaka Bolivia
Counter Culture Coffee – La Frontera, Peru
Seven Seeds — Burundi Kiryama
Phil & Sebastian — Guatemala Zelaya
Equator Coffee — Ecuador El Batan
Stumptown — Finca El Injerto, El Tanque Bourbon
Heart Roasters — Rwanda Coko Cooperative

Physicists, a Space archaeologist, Writers, Futurists, Roboticists, Surgeons, are just a few of the presenters that will have the opportunity to be offered this collection of delicious coffees! We are delighted that Coffee Common has chosen the Vario-W grinders, with the integrated scales, to do all of the whole bean grinding for pour-over coffee service on the 5 TED bars in Long Beach and 1 in Palm Springs.

The Vario-W was used at CoffeeCommon NY and Brent Fortune, one of the organizers, said “The Vario-W worked like a champ for what we were doing in NY, pour-over after pour-over. It was easy to turn around and get the dose we needed with one touch” and for TED 2012 he says “We have to make coffee repeatedly and consistently for hundreds of people coming at us all at the same time with coffees we’ve had donated and hand-selected for clarity and quality and want to minimize waste”. What a great opportunity for the Vario-W to do what it does so well!

Sharing their coffee knowledge and expertise, as well as putting about 15 Vario-W’s through their paces this week, will be an awesome team of world renowned baristas. Check them out here: TED2012 Baristas.

We wish all the Coffee Common baristas and organizers a very successful week, and thank them in advance for creating this special coffee experience for the TED Attendees!