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  • 14 MAR

    YouTube – How to replace ceramic with metal burrs in Forte

    Pierce Jens – one of the brilliant guys in our Support team walks you through all the steps of changing from ceramic to metal burrs in the Forté, which also works for the Vario/Vario-W. Also shows you how to recalibrate after you’ve made the switch.
    YouTube of Burr change

  • 12 MAR

    Blog – Static when Grinding

    Kyle Anderson, Baratza Co-Owner and chief engineer shares his knowledge on the complexity of static when grinding coffee! No one likes it, but it’s something that it not totally controllable, unfortunately!
    Read this: Static

  • 26 FEB

    New Video – Step by Step GB2.0 Installation Guide

    At the beginning of 2012 we introduced the 2nd generation gearbox (GB 2.0) for our conical burr grinders and developed a parts kit to upgrade the gear box of Baratza conical burr grinders manufactured before 2012. A LOT of people are upgrading their grinders to the new gear box. We’ve upgraded our video to walk you through doing the upgrade at home.  See the video

  • 17 FEB

    New Video – The Esatto

    Do you want to be more precise in your brewing? Do you weigh your beans before grinding? The Esatto turns the Encore, Virtuoso and Preciso grinders into weight-based grinding machines – TRUTH!  See how it works here!

  • 16 FEB

    Blog – Rice, It’s just not a good idea (for cleaning!)

    We see lots of grinders for repair and we get many questions about how best to clean a Baratza grinder – with lots of questions about the use of Rice.  You know we love to eat rice, and we do eat a lot of it, and we don’t have anything against it…… except when used as a cleaner for burrs! Read the blog for why!