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  • 28 MAR

    Review: Forté-BG by Jonathan Bonchak

    The Forté-BG has been reviewed by Jonathan Bonchak, an experienced industry professional, working in Wholesale Sales at Counter Culture Coffee.

    We’re thrilled that he gave it the thumbs up – “I’ve brewed multiple cups in a row for a few different get togethers and I can tell you without a doubt that this is absolutely a commercial-quality grinder all the way through and it does an amazing job”.

    Read the review here.

  • 24 MAR

    Press – Fast Company – Baratza/Orphan Espresso Synergy

    Fast Company Magazine did an article on our friends Doug and Barb Garrott of Orphan Espresso and the development of their new hand grinder, the Lido 2.
    Our co-founder Kyle Anderson, shared his knowledge and resources with Doug & Barb to help them make it to the next step in their method of production. They had some very nice words to say about him!
    “Any business book would recommend finding a mentor, but it’s a rare professional contact who would set you up with their own designer and factory to help manufacture a product that, technically, is a direct competitor with their own. “Kyle confounds us every minute that we have known him,” Doug says. “He’s the most helpful, the most open, and he’s helpful to everyone who knows him, because he truly believes the rising tide lifts all boats, including his own.”
    Read the whole article here.

  • 14 MAR

    YouTube – How to replace ceramic with metal burrs in Forte

    Pierce Jens – one of the brilliant guys in our Support team walks you through all the steps of changing from ceramic to metal burrs in the Forté, which also works for the Vario/Vario-W. Also shows you how to recalibrate after you’ve made the switch.
    YouTube of Burr change

  • 12 MAR

    Blog – Static when Grinding

    Kyle Anderson, Baratza Co-Owner and chief engineer shares his knowledge on the complexity of static when grinding coffee! No one likes it, but it’s something that it not totally controllable, unfortunately!
    Read this: Static

  • 26 FEB

    New Video – Step by Step GB2.0 Installation Guide

    At the beginning of 2012 we introduced the 2nd generation gearbox (GB 2.0) for our conical burr grinders and developed a parts kit to upgrade the gear box of Baratza conical burr grinders manufactured before 2012. A LOT of people are upgrading their grinders to the new gear box. We’ve upgraded our video to walk you through doing the upgrade at home.  See the video