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  • 17 FEB

    New Video – The Esatto

    Do you want to be more precise in your brewing? Do you weigh your beans before grinding? The Esatto turns the Encore, Virtuoso and Preciso grinders into weight-based grinding machines – TRUTH!  See how it works here!

  • 16 FEB

    Blog – Rice, It’s just not a good idea (for cleaning!)

    We see lots of grinders for repair and we get many questions about how best to clean a Baratza grinder – with lots of questions about the use of Rice.  You know we love to eat rice, and we do eat a lot of it, and we don’t have anything against it…… except when used as a cleaner for burrs! Read the blog for why!

  • 12 FEB

    Coffee Kind – Things To Consider When You Buy A Grinder

    February 12, 2014

    Jennifer Chen of Coffee Kind, a site “dedicated to the curation of roasters, equipment, and resources within the specialty coffee industry”, has put together an informative and valuable guide on the topics to evaluate when deciding on which type of grinder is right for you.

    Think about where you are on your coffee journey – are you an early entrant or more experienced? What is your preferred brew method? And of course, what can your budget sustain? All important factors!

    We thank CoffeeKind for the great support of Baratza and you can see from this that we have a grinder for almost every stage of the journey! Please share this with friends or colleagues who are trying to make a grinder choice!

    See the guide here!

  • 03 FEB

    New VIDEO : Conical Burr Series

    February 3, 2014

    Learn all about the Baratza Conical Burr range of grinders – the Encore, Virtuoso and Preciso. See their similarities and differences here.

  • 10 JAN

    SCAA – The Event

    January 10, 2014

    Baratza’s biggest event for the year is always ‘The Event’ organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. They asked us to share a little about why the show is so important to us!

    We’re excited about having The Event in our backyard this year and hope to see you in Seattle in April for #SCAA2014!!

    Baratza Perspective on The Event