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  • 27 FEB

    Baratza Vario-W works the Coffee Common brew bar at TED2012

    Monday, February 27, 2012


    Today marks the beginning of TED2012 conference in Long Beach, CA and TED Active 2012 in Palm Springs,CA.

    Coffee Common will be delighting the TED attendees with these amazing coffees, specially chosen for the event:

    Detour Coffee – Ephiphanie Bufcafe Rwanda
    Intelligentsia – Anjilanaka Bolivia
    Counter Culture Coffee – La Frontera, Peru
    Seven Seeds — Burundi Kiryama
    Phil & Sebastian — Guatemala Zelaya
    Equator Coffee — Ecuador El Batan
    Stumptown — Finca El Injerto, El Tanque Bourbon
    Heart Roasters — Rwanda Coko Cooperative

    Physicists, a Space archaeologist, Writers, Futurists, Roboticists, Surgeons, are just a few of the presenters that will have the opportunity to be offered this collection of delicious coffees! We are delighted that Coffee Common has chosen the Vario-W grinders, with the integrated scales, to do all of the whole bean grinding for pour-over coffee service on the 5 TED bars in Long Beach and 1 in Palm Springs.

    The Vario-W was used at CoffeeCommon NY and Brent Fortune, one of the organizers, said “The Vario-W worked like a champ for what we were doing in NY, pour-over after pour-over. It was easy to turn around and get the dose we needed with one touch” and for TED 2012 he says “We have to make coffee repeatedly and consistently for hundreds of people coming at us all at the same time with coffees we’ve had donated and hand-selected for clarity and quality and want to minimize waste”. What a great opportunity for the Vario-W to do what it does so well!

    Sharing their coffee knowledge and expertise, as well as putting about 15 Vario-W’s through their paces this week, will be an awesome team of world renowned baristas. Check them out here: TED2012 Baristas.

    We wish all the Coffee Common baristas and organizers a very successful week, and thank them in advance for creating this special coffee experience for the TED Attendees!

  • 25 JAN

    Coffee Common NYC – Vario-W

    January 25, 2011

    Last week, from January 19-22, NY based coffee interested people, had the wonderful opportunity to attend  Coffee Common at A Startup Store in Chelsea.  It was an event designed around exposing people to exploring new areas of coffee.  Bars were set up for tasting the differences in the same coffees, but brewed differently, as well as the taste effect of adding ingredients like cream/milk and sugar.  There were areas to show people a variety of brewing techniques with the bonus of people being able to get hands-on and try them out themselves!

    Baratza was happy to support the event by having the Vario-W, our weight based ceramic flat burr grinder, on bar to ensure that the beans from the five great roasters were ground to meet the sweet spot for the bean, the roast and the brew method used!








    Coffee Common said “When it came to meeting the demand of our busy bars with a line out the door, efficiency was incredibly important to maintain quality without rushing the baristas. Baratza set us up with enough Vario-W’s and hopper extenders to completely remove the step of pre-weighing coffee for every pour over we served. With a built in scale, the grinder served up an accurate dose of fresh ground coffee with the push of a button. This was immensely useful and allowed the baristas to focus more on engaging with customers and less with tedious necessities.”

    Read more here about the event and all the other great coffee, people, and tools that were on hand to make this such a successful event


  • 18 JAN

    Baratza @ Coffee Common!

    Wednesday, January 18, 2012

    Baratza is delighted to be a sponsor of the latest Coffee Common venture which takes place at ‘A Startup Store’ in Chelsea, NYC, from tomorrow, Thursday January 19th – Sunday January 22, 2011.

    Coffee Common was launched in March last year, at TED2011 in Long Beach, with the goal of “bringing together world-class baristas and roasters with shared values, to create unique experiences that introduce people to the nuanced joys of exceptional coffee”.  They have since been part of hugely successful events in Edinburgh and London.  Coffee Common is now back in the US for a unique event to make coffee more accessible to people, by actually showing attendees how to brew coffee, using a variety of the tools and devices that are commonly available.  There will be no espresso at the event as the focus will be filtered black coffee.  We’re thrilled that our Baratza Vario-W, weight based grinder, will be on bar, supporting this experience!

    Brian Jones aka “Dear Coffee I Love You” is one of the founders of Coffee Common and on his blog he describes the event as ….” more than a temporary coffee bar. Since coffee sales aren’t the goal, baristas and customers can engage without worrying about a line of people building up behind them. The atmosphere is designed to learn, share and discuss—all while enjoying some exceptional coffee (from Counter Culture, Gimme!, Intelligentsia, Heart and Ritual) prepared by a team of world class baristas.  Read more here :

    If you are in NYC – go check it out and see the Vario-W in person!  Make sure to buy a ticket in advance as space is limited.  Enjoy delicious coffee from some of the best US Roasters and learn more about how you can make great coffee at home!

    We are excited to be part of this effort to engage more people in understanding,  appreciating  and enjoying all the facets of coffee –

    To get more details about the event, ‘A Startup Store’, and Coffee Common go to










  • 12 JAN

    Important Refurbished Grinder Update

    January 12, 2012

    We appreciate your interest in our refurbished grinders and want to let you know that we currently have NO refurbs available.  We expect to have some after Feb 2nd.  Please check back to this website for availability, under the grinder you are interested in, after this date.


    We do not keep waiting lists for Refurbs.

  • 05 JAN

    Facebook Giveaway Winners!

    Thursday, January 5, 2012

    In December 2011 we offered a fun way for people to win a selection of coffee gear from Baratza, if they ‘followed’ us on Facebook.   We got lots of interest and participation and are delighted to say we have a roster of winners!  It did take a couple of rounds to find the winner as the first person didn’t come forward, but here’s the final listing.  Our thanks to all who participated and who continue to support Baratza!   No doubt we will have some more fun giveaways like this in the future!




    Grand Winner of a Baratza Maestro Plus, an Aeropress and a Baratza Counter Scraper was BEN BLAKE from Mount Vernon, Ohio.

    Winners of Baratza’s brilliant Counter Scrapers were:

    • Bryant Moody
    • Mark White
    • Neil Oney
    • Dan Wing
    • Miranda Rose Johnson
    • Dana Stack
    • Kayla Ann Williams
    • Mike Gregory
    • Linda Jordee
    • Dan Rogers