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  • 06 SEP

    Burrs – Life Expectancy Blog!

    Wondering what impacts burrs and how long they will last?? Find out here: Blog on Burr life expectancy!

  • 22 AUG

    Seattle Coffee Gear Show Baratza Line-Up!

    Gail & Kat from Seattle Coffee Gear kindly took the time to show our full, and current, line-up of grinders and weight based grinder accessory, the Esatto. Nice to see them all gathered here!

    Seattle Coffee Gear – YouTube of Baratza Grinders

  • 12 JUL

    Featured Shop #2 – Mudhouse Coffee

    Today we post our 2nd coffee shop feature on ‘Brick & Mortar’ coffee shops who give us information on the ways they engage consumers in furthering their knowledge of coffee, and who provide a place for consumers to see, touch, and test Baratza grinders prior to purchase. This feature is on Mudhouse Coffee in Charlotteville, VA. Go to our blog page to read about it!

  • 09 JUL

    Featured Shop #3 – Rowster Coffee, Grand Rapids, MI

    Rowster Coffee, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is the 3rd in our blog feature on Brick and Mortar shops where customers can go to try our grinders. Read all about how the folks at Rowster engage their customers in learning about coffee and finding Baratza grinders to best meet their brewing needs! Fun to see how Rowster is also using our grind by weight solutions on their brew bar. Great pictures too!
    Rowster Coffee blog feature

  • 30 JUN

    Newsweek – Joe Coffee NY- Preciso In The Perfect Cup!

    Preciso-EspressoToday, Jonathan Rubinstein, owner of Joe Coffee, gives tips on making great coffee at home in a piece featured in Newsweek Magazine.

    To our delight, he mentions the importance of using a quality burr grinder and refers to the Preciso!

    Read more here: Newsweek – The Perfect Cup