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  • 30 OCT

    2 NEW Videos: Hopper Installation & Scale Calibration

    We continue to expand our library of troubleshooting videos to help our Baratza customers successfully use their grinders! Our two NEW videos..
    1. Proper Hopper Installation, All Grinder Models
    2. Scale Calibration for the Forte Series, the Vario-W and Esatto Accessory

    You can see these and all our videos here

  • 28 SEP

    Video/Blog – Fix it, Don’t Dump it!

    At Baratza, we care about our environment and have designed our grinders to be used for years and years. We want to maximize the value that customers realize after buying one of our grinders. Listen to Kyle Anderson, Co-Founder and Chief Engineer on how we marry these ideas for the benefit of all. Blog/Video Here.

  • 17 SEP

    Guest Blog – Ben Blake (AKA DrawCoffee) of Street Bean Espresso

    Ben Blake has written a guest blog to share information about the work that Street Bean Espresso is doing to help at-risk youth in the Seattle area, through job training and opportunities in the Cafe that he manages. Recently Baratza donated Forté-BG grinders for their manual brew bar. Read the blog here

  • 02 SEP

    Importance of Coffee Grinder – Blog

    Texas Coffee School blog on the importance of the type of coffee grinder used in a home coffee set-up, covering the difference between blade and burr grinders. Great coverage of the Baratza range.

  • 28 AUG

    Blog: Foreign Exchange Tech

    We’re sorry to say goodbye to Martin Fu, of PSI in Taiwan, who worked the repair and refurb station with us this summer! There’s a reason he already knew the inner workings of our grinders………read more